Most homeowners are not aware of the tell-a-tale signs of air conditioner problems. As long as the HVAC systems are working fine, they don’t bother to check the minute issues, which may eventually lead to a breakdown. You cannot repair air conditioners on your own. New models use advanced technologies and variable-speed compressors, and even for smaller problems, you require expertise and experience of a professional technician. In this post, we are talking of the signs that may hint at the need for AC repair services.

Not enough cooling

If the system is not cooling efficiently, it is one of the first symptoms of low freon in central air conditioner. It could be related to a broken compressor, or else, this may have to do with leaking refrigerant. You can still use your AC when cooling is not optimal, but the problem may become hard to handle if ignored for days.

Abnormal noises

Unless you are using one of those old window air conditioners, the noise from the unit must be bearable. If your HVAC system is making more noise than expected, you may have to call an expert to check the possible issues. Typically, older models tend to make noise after few years of initial running, but again, it depends on the underlying problem.

Odd odors

Always check for odor in the house when the air conditioner is on. If there is an issue with the wires, the odor would be more of a pungent one. In other cases, the smell could be related to mold and mildew. Do not ignore the signs of mold or leakage around the HVAC systems, because it can lead to serious health concerns, including allergies. If you have pets, kids or older parents at home, mold could be a dangerous problem.

Looking for known AC repair services

Finding a reliable AC repair service is as important as calling for help. You need a company that’s reliable, known and is available to take your repair needs on priority. No matter how small the job may seem, get an estimate. You can prevent most of the problems with ACs by scheduling yearly maintenance. Make sure that you keep an eye on the basic working of the system, and if required, call a company to just get the systems checked. With initial inspection and early repairs, you don’t have to spend as much.

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