Furnace repair is one of the common kinds of issues that is faced by a majority of house owners. Sometimes, these can be critical repairs that require immediate resolution.

If you are unsure about whether you need a standard furnace repair service or emergency furnace repair service, then check this article. Here, we are going to tell you signs that indicate that you need to perform emergency furnace repair.

Features of an emergency furnace repair service

There are a few features that make emergency furnace service different from a standard one.

All hour service

Most of the furnace experts that provide emergency service work tirelessly throughout the day. Emergency service teams work in shifts so that they can provide you around the clock, though service.

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Any day service

Whether it is an untimely failure in the boiler or any other emergency furnace repair issue, you can always rely on emergency service teams to get quick assistance.

Speedy resolution

When you call an emergency furnace service repair firm, you can rest assured of a fast and accurate resolution.

Signs that you need an emergency service

The following are the signs that indicate that you need an emergency service.

The smell of gas in your home

If you find any smell of gas leakage from the furnace system, then you need to shut it off the mains. Call an emergency furnace repair team immediately.

Electrical issues

Problems such as electrical buzzing, humming, flickering lights, and breaker trips, come under the category of electrical issues. They can be dangerous and may require an emergency furnace service.

Loud noises from the furnace

If you find that your furnace is suddenly making unusual noises then it can be an indication of a loose, damaged or bad part. It can indicate a large amount of damage to the system if left unchecked for a long time.

Leakage in the heating system

Minor or extensive water damage can build up and become a huge problem if not paid attention. It is therefore recommended why you need to call an emergency team to identify a leakage in the boiler or furnace.


Learning about emergency furnace repair issues and getting it repaired by a certified technician will help you save a lot of time, money and anxiety.