Ductless mini split heat pumps are also referred to as mini splits or zoned HVACs. They are a kind of heating and cooling system that doesn’t need any kind of ducts for conditioning the air. Due to this, the ductless units can be idea for the homes and renovations that don’t have any ductwork in the first place. When installing or extending duct systems, it can be complex and not practical. Ductless units are perfect solution in this case. Big homes want more control over their temperature so they can choose the flexibility and convenience offered by ductless mini splits. By only heating and cooling the rooms that are being used, you can save money on your energy bills too. If you are looking to buy one, here are LT Mini Split for sale in Oregon.

How do they work?

A ductless mini split system has two main parts: the indoor air handling unit and the outdoor compressor or condenser. The former is usually suspended from the ceiling or it is mounted high up on a wall that sends the conditioned air directly into the living space. The indoor unit has a direct connection to an outdoor compressor through a refrigerant line instead of a complex duct system. Apart from the refrigerant tubing, the indoor unit is also connected to the outdoor with the help of a power cable, condensate drain line and suction tubing. Normally, there are numerous air handling units that are joined to the same outdoor unit. The multiple indoor units can be controlled independently but they all make use to the same outdoor heat pump for either absorbing heat or dispensing heat. A conventional central air system, on the contrary, sends air from the indoor unit via a complex series of ducts that flows the air into your room.

How are HVAC zones created?

When you have numerous indoor air handling units, every unit is assigned to a particular area of your home. Your contractor will design the zones to create the most effective and convenient zones for your family. You can have 4 indoor air handling units for a single outdoor unit. The number depends on the home size and how much heating or cooling your home needs. You can also have an indoor unit for your garage and one for the first floor and one for the top floor. As these mini splits are ductless they don’t lose any conditioned air via the ductwork. This saves a lot on your energy bills as well.