The décor of your bedroom is dependent on many factors, but besides the aesthetic value, you need to think of functionality as well. A bed frame is a smart and beautiful addition to your room. Apart from the fact that bed frames offer adequate support for mattresses, this single investment could become the central focus of the entire room. Buying bed frames can be a confusing task, because there are quite a few choices out there. A bed frame is more like a support for your mattress. It could be made out of a metal frame, or can be upholstered for that extra comfort. Some of the advanced frames can have a footboard and special side rails, as well.

Things you need to check for

  • Size of the mattress. The size of the mattress is obviously the first thing you need to check before buying a bed frame. Even two king-size and queen-size mattresses may not measure the same, so find one that will work for the mattress you own. Some of the new mattresses can have a longer length than standard sizes, and we recommend that you measure everything.
  • Think of space. You have to measure you the room size first before looking for bed frames. For example, if you have too many extra furniture pieces in the room, you may not want to get something that’s too huge. Experts recommend going for a size that fits, because you want to have enough space to move around.
  • Don’t miss the style. There are all kind of bed frames out there, so you can choose something that is completely traditional or can choose one of eclectic ones. Interior design websites have a lot of choices and pictures that you can check and consider before deciding the final look. If you are buying from a store, ask their experts for recommendations.

Also, the height of the mattress is important. Don’t go for an extremely huge bed frame that’s going to take a big chunk of the wall space. As for the price, it depends on the style and design of the frame, but you can expect to pay more for the upholstered ones. Online stores may have a few great discounts, so check for all designs and styles. Bed frame is an investment for your bedroom, and paying a tad more for the right one is never a bad idea.