Is it not puzzling when you see a lot of brands while buying something? Eventually, while purchasing the right acrylic is often confusing. You need to know several aspects of acrylic before you purchase the right acrylic. The trickiest of the aspects is the quality and colour besides other aspects like permanence, drying time, tube or jar, viscosity, brands etc. Get the appropriate acrylic from Big Acrylic for your painting.

Take care about the following factors when you purchase the right quality and colour of the   acrylic for you.

  • Quality: Choose your acrylic basically in two qualities; the student’s or beginner’s quality, and the artist’s or professional quality. Never forget that the professional quality comes with a wide range of colours with finely ground pigment comparatively of high concentration, and claiming high ratings of permanence.

On the other hand, the student’s quality and colours are cheaper, the trade-off with smaller section, the pigment level may be lower, and maybe including the fillers which would weaken the strength of the colour. These differences are because of the vibrant colour and smoother consistencies preferences of the artists which would help them in blending and layering.

If you are a student or a beginner, start with the student’s quality. But if you are to preserve your paintings with a view to selling them, then you are required to buy artist’s version. You can also compromise and take a middle path by taking student’s quality and getting earth colour which will serve you better and not inferior ones. Along with the earth colour, take pure intense colour.

  • Colour: You can find numerous acrylic colours in eh market and it will be a puzzle for you to choose the right set of colours particularly if you are a beginner. Take a maximum of ten colours, you can later mix them to get different colours.

The ten preferred colours may be (1) titanium white, (2) cadmium yellow, (3) cadmium orange, (4) cadmium red, (5) alizarin crimson, (6) ivory black, (7) burnt sienna, (8) dioxazine purple, (9) phthalo blue, and (10) phthalo green.

Taking a full set of acrylic colours also may be beneficial for you if you are a beginner. While buying the artist’s colour, you may be shocked to find that the costs of some colours are high whereas some comparatively cheaper. This happens because some of the pigments are hard to obtain.

Often, manufacturers set the prices through series like series one would be the cheapest and the series 10 would be the costliest. Normally, the earth colours are cheaper than the cadmium colours, sometimes four-time costlier than  earth colours.