Thanks to new technologies, refrigerators do much more than just keeping things cold. Homeowners are flooded with choices, with new models coming up from different brands every year. If you are thinking of replacing your existing refrigerator or simply want to buy a new one, there are some simple things to consider. In this post, we are discussing the refrigerator basics for your help!

Evaluate your requirements and budget

The size of a refrigerator should fit your home needs. For example, if you are just two people in the house, you don’t need a fridge as big as a cupboard. Yes, the new-age refrigerators are designed for extensive use and more space, but the idea is to select something that works for your home. Budget is also critical for the choice. In case you don’t want to spend huge on a smart refrigerator, you can go for a regular single-door option that does the same job, if not more. We are not against big models or smart designs, but we are insisting on practicality.

What about style?

French-door style refrigerators are pretty popular these days, and you also have options with as many as five doors. Keep in mind that refrigerator doors need to open in full, so space measurements must be taken before you go ahead and approve a model. For instance, if you have a kitchen island, the refrigerator door shouldn’t bang against it. Some refrigerators do have water and ice dispensers, especially the bigger models that you can consider for an added advantage. Check for a few options.

Other things that matter

A refrigerator is an appliance investment for at least five to ten years, so it is always wise to spend a tad more and select something that would remain relevant with time. If you don’t have the space for a big fridge, we highly recommend that you consider a smaller, compact refrigerator instead as a second option. In fact, having two refrigerators is always handy for homeowners, who just need more space but don’t want an expensive bigger option. Typically, refrigerators with capacity of 100-120 liters are considered to be mini versions.

Brand and warranty are also two critical aspects to consider. Always buy your refrigerator from a brand that’s well-known, because you will need replacement parts and repairs at some point. It is also a wise idea to consider extended warranty, if available for a product.