While big refrigerators are always handy for storing almost everything, it is also wise to think of a backup. A lot of homeowners are now investing in mini or compact refrigerators, which are not obviously huge in terms of capacity and space, but are ideal for cooling beverages, storing food items and so on. Below are 7 tips that will help in buying a compact refrigerator for your home.

  • With any appliance, you have to be sure that the product is Energy Star® Certified and will not add to your energy bills. Do not ignore this aspect, even for mini refrigerators that don’t typically consume a lot of electricity.
  • Check the capacity of the refrigerator, which is typically mentioned in liters or cubic feet. To be counted as a mini or compact variant, a refrigerator needs to have capacity of 100 liters or less.
  • Do consider your requirements. Whether you should buy a refrigerator with capacity or 49 liters or 80 liters, depends largely on the use. Many compact fridges don’t have a freezing unit, while others have extra big bins for the large bottles.
  • Think of the look. Any appliance should fit into the interiors of your home and must be aesthetically pleasing. While this is not a technical aspect for sure, we do recommend that you consider the outer color, finish and texture.
  • Shelves and space also matter. Many refrigerators do have wired shelves, which is a standard way to cut costs, but always go for one that has shelves made of toughened glass. Also, do consider the space inside the fridge. Even some of the bigger looking refrigerators don’t have as much space.

  • Consider the brand. Buying a refrigerator from a known brand is always like an advantage, because you are assured of getting replacement parts and repair help, as needed, and also, it is almost certain that the product will have warranty of at least 12 months.

Finally, do check as many choices as possible and do consider the depth, width and length of the refrigerator. Compact refrigerators are great as an additional cooling appliance, but it is wise to get the best that your budget can buy, often at a price higher than what you probably expected.